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A single bus accident can cause injury or death to dozens of adults or children. Without safety features like airbags or seat belts, bus passengers are vulnerable to being thrown from their seats and suffering serious injuries or death. Bus accidents in South Carolina can result from bus driver distraction, bus driver error, bus operator negligent maintenance, another driver on the road, bad weather conditions, or equipment failure. We rely on bus operators to take reasonable actions to keep us and our loved ones safe. This includes:

  • Hiring safe and properly-licensed drivers who practice defensive driving and obey traffic laws
  • Properly training their drivers and testing their skills
  • Drug testing their drivers
  • Maintaining buses so that there are no issues with brakes, tires, lights, doors, windows or other components
  • Promptly fixing known issues with buses.

Bus Accidents from Defective Bus Parts

Bus accidents can also result from defective or dangerous parts used in the manufacturing process that may cause a component to fail before it is expected to. If a defective part is responsible for an accident, the court may determine the manufacturer of the part was liable. After a crash, the bus itself can be very important evidence. A bus can be hauled away from an accident scene in the hours following a collision, making it difficult to preserve evidence. Once the bus is repaired or destroyed, this evidence may be gone forever. If you’re involved in a bus accident, do not delay in contacting a lawyer about your case. Attorney Mark Bringardner can help you ensure evidence is preserved and there is an opportunity for the bus to be inspected by a qualified expert.

Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents can range from mild to catastrophic, depending on the accident and force of impact. Minor soft-tissue injuries are minor cuts, bruises and bumps, sprains and strains, and whiplash. These may result from a bus being rear-ended and passengers being thrown forward. Serious injuries may occur if a person is struck or run over by a bus, or thrown from a bus (ejected), catastrophic injuries like skull fractures, traumatic amputations, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and blunt force injuries can result. These can cause permanent disability or even be fatal.

South Carolina Regional Transit Authority Bus Systems

A number of Regional Transit Authorities operate in South Carolina, and administer, manage and operate fixed-route bus services.

  • Lower Savannah Regional Transit Management Agency – Best Friend Express
  • Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority – The Comet
  • Charleston Area Regional Transit Authority (CARTA)
  • City of Spartanburg – Spartanburg Area Regional Transit Agency (SPARTA)
  • Waccamaw Regional Transit Authority – Coast RTA
  • Lowcountry – Palmetto Breeze
  • Pee Dee Regional Transit Authority (PDRTA)
  • Santee Wateree Regional Transportation Authority (SWRTA)

The South Carolina Office of Public Transit receives funding from the Federal Transit Administration as well as State Mass Transit Funds which are sourced from gasoline sales. Because transit authorities are government agencies, lawsuits Funds from these sources are then distributed to transit providers, like the regional transit authorities listed above.

Common Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and permanently change your ability to enjoy life and earn a living. Compensation from a bus accident lawsuit in South Carolina can allow you to avoid financial devastation and get the medical care you need. Types of compensation you may recover include:

  • Monetary reimbursement for medical expenses as a result of a bus accident, including ambulance transport, emergency room and hospitalization bills, prescription medications, and physical therapy.
  • Compensation for future expected medical expenses which will be necessary as a result of the bus accident
  • Compensation for earnings you lost as a result of being unable to work due to your injuries. If you suffer permanent disability and either must retire, or work in a lower-paying capacity, you may recover damages for the difference between what you would have earned vs what you likely will now.
  • Reimbursement for any lost personal property in the accident, such as an ipad or phone
  • Non-economic damages compensation for pain and suffering.

Without a skilled attorney advocating for your rights, it will be extremely difficult to recover maximum compensation for your injuries. If you are a victim of a bus accident, or a loved one died in a bus accident, do not fall victim to insurance companies’ delay, deny, defend practices.

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