Common Examples Of Catastrophic Injuries Sustained In Car Accidents

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A car accident can cause catastrophic injuries to the victims involved. Even if the accident does not appear to cause much damage to the vehicles, and even if the victims’ injuries do not seem serious immediately after an accident, it is possible to be left with catastrophic injuries that can leave you with a lifetime of pain and suffering. This is why it is important to consult with a Charleston car accident lawyer about your legal rights after any type of motor vehicle collision. Here are some common examples of catastrophic injuries that can be sustained in car accidents:

Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. These are delicate organs that control your most basic body functions, such as breathing and keeping your heart beating. Any damage to these vital organs can leave you with permanent disabilities. Negligent drivers are liable for all the financial losses incurred over a lifetime due to these disabilities.


Crush injuries can make it necessary for doctors to amputate an arm or a leg. If your injury causes a secondary condition, such as an infection, this too could lead to amputation. Amputee victims are entitled to fair compensation for the pain and suffering associated with losing a limb. Throughout a lifetime, this suffering is significant.

Internal Organ Damage

Many vital organs are located close together in the abdominal cavity. They are protected by just a layer of skin and subcutaneous fat cells, so the force of a collision can cause serious damage to the lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other body parts. Trauma in the abdomen can also lead to internal bleeding that is hard to detect.

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Catastrophic Injury FAQ

What compensation am I owed for catastrophic injuries?

Catastrophic injury victims are entitled to “compensatory damages” for documented financial losses (medical bills and lost wages). They are also entitled to “general damages” for their pain and suffering. Finally, injury victims are entitled to compensation for the future losses due to their catastrophic injuries.

How are future losses calculated in a catastrophic injury case?

Injury lawyers work with expert witnesses – such as economists and life care planners – to get accurate projections of a victim’s future losses. These experts can estimate future lost wages, the cost of future medical care, and other financial losses that you will suffer over your lifetime.

What about catastrophic injuries to a pregnant person?

Pregnant injury victims often have higher medical bills after a car accident. They will also endure more pain and suffering because of their concern for the unborn child. As a result, pregnant injury victims often receive higher settlements. Be sure to consult with a car accident lawyer about this unique situation.

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