Car Accident Victim Compensation: Here’s What You Can Expect

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For many injury victims, the most important question an attorney can answer is “how much is my case worth?”. The answer depends on your specific situation. Injury victims are entitled to compensation for many different specific losses. An experienced Charleston car accident attorney can help protect your right to be fairly compensated for all your losses. Here’s what you can expect for car accident victim compensation:

Compensation For Financial Losses

Injury victims suffer a wide range of financial losses as a result of a car accident. They often have property losses associated with the damage to their vehicles. There are also medical bills and lost wages that represent financial losses. Injury victims can also claim the cost of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and medical devices (such as crutches) that are made necessary by the defendant’s negligence.

Compensation For Emotional Losses

Injury victims are also entitled to compensation for their emotional losses. These losses are broadly referred to as “pain and suffering.” This includes a broad range of physical pain and emotional suffering that an injury victim endures over a lifetime.

Compensation For Future Losses

Injury victims are also entitled to compensation for the financial and emotional losses they will continue to suffer after their cases are resolved. Car accident lawyers work with expert witnesses to make accurate projections of the value of these future losses.

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Car Accident Compensation FAQ

Why can’t I just let the insurance company tell me what my case is worth?

The insurance company is not on your side. In fact, their employees represent the other guy, and they are actively working against you. Your own insurance company often works against you too. They usually provide several types of insurance coverage that you are entitled to after an accident, like medical payment coverage, personal injury protection (PIP), underinsured motorist coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage. Like the at-fault driver’s insurance, your insurance company does not want to have to pay you for those claims. Insurance companies don’t make money by paying out claims and they do everything they can to pay you as little as possible, or nothing at all. Their job is to pay as little as possible on as few claims as possible. This is why it is important to get an independent valuation of your case from an injury lawyer who is on your side.

How will my lawyer determine what the fair value of my case is?

The fair settlement value of a case is determined by what a jury is likely to award if the case were to go to trial. 99% of cases settle before trial. However, the potential verdict that a jury might award is the guide experienced lawyers use to determine case value. Injury lawyers know what factors in your case will be favorable and unfavorable to a jury. Your lawyer also knows what similar cases have settled for and what amount will adequately compensate you to avoid the risk of going to trial.

How will my medical bills get paid before my case settles?

An injury lawyer can help you find financial assistance and medical providers who will wait for payment until your case is settled to alleviate your financial burden while you recover. In the meantime if you have health insurance, your health insurance carrier likely has a contractual obligation to pay some of your medical bills but they will want to be reimbursed out of your settlement. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. After your case is settled, your attorney still has work to do to make sure that you obtain the bulk of the settlement, and will work with your doctors and health insurance companies to maximize your “in pocket” recovery.



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