Bringardner Injury Law Firm Earns Top Honors For South Carolina’s Largest Verdicts and Settlements in 2020

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Charleston, SC, March 8, 2021 – Mark Bringardner, of the Bringardner Injury Law Firm, claimed four of the top spots on the South Carolina Lawyers Weekly annual list of the Top Verdicts & Settlements of 2020, including the #2 spot. This list is published each year to document and acknowledge the top verdicts and settlements that occurred within the state in the previous calendar year.

The 2020 list consisted of 35 high-profile and high-reward cases, of which Bringardner Injury Law Firm was featured three times in the Top 11.

Read more about the individual cases below:

2. $5M Settlement After Woman Killed While Walking To Work

Mark Bringardner represented and successfully reached a settlement for the sister of a woman who was killed in a tragic pedestrian accident. Mary Glore was fatally struck by a truck outside the gates of Joint Base Charleston. Mary Glore, a cleaner at Goodwill, was struck by James Brown while he was operating a tractor-trailer and while he was making an illegal U-turn.

Attorney Mark Bribgardner was successfully able to show that the driver, and the company they worked for, were negligent and this led to the death of Mary Glore. Bringardner was able to prevent the driver from laying blame on the deceased victim and went a long way to show that it was the driver at fault.

Read more about the complete case details below:

$5M Settlement for Fatal Pedestrian Accident

10. Man Hit By Drunk Driver Settles Claim For $3.6M

The Bringardner Injury Law Firm represented a client who was the victim of an alleged drunk driver. The client was rear-ended by the at-fault driver and was left severely injured. He was subsequently taken to the hospital and underwent a cervical fusion, as well as knee surgery for a meniscus tear.

The details of this case are withheld due to a standing confidentiality agreement, however, you can read more about the general aspects of the case and the successful settlement below:

$3.6M Settlement For Man Hit By Drunk Driver

11. $3.5M Settlement for Man who was Hit by SUV and Suffered Brain Damage

Mark Bringardner, Kenneth Berger, Brad Lanford, and Chris Finney successfully represented a man who suffered life-altering brain damage after being hit by an SUV. The man’s wife was also represented as a separate plaintiff in a loss of consortium case. The legal team was able to reach a favorable settlement in their favor.

The driver of the SUV hit the victim while he was out for a walk with his wife. The driver backed up from the couple to give them space to pass, but as they were passing he began driving again. This action led to the victim being struck by the car and then subsequently hit his head on the pavement. He suffered a skull fracture as well as multiple leg fractures.

Read more about the accident and the case below:

$3.5M Settlement for Auto Accident Resulting In Brain Injury

30. Man Hit by Postal Service Truck Awarded $1.35M

David Crimmins suffered severe back and neck injuries after his vehicle was t-boned by a USPS carrier. Mark Bringardner represented him and was able to successfully secure a $1.3 million verdict. Due to the significant nature of his injuries, Crimmins’s quality of life diminished. He underwent a microdiscectomy surgery and continues to receive chiropractic treatment and physical therapy.

This was also the largest reported 2020 federal court verdict in the United States District Court of South Carolina – Charleston Division. To read more about the specific breakdowns of his case and the verdict awarded read below:

$1.35M Verdict For Man Hit By USPS Truck

Key Takeaways

The Bringardner Injury Law Firm believes in giving you the best legal representation and advice possible. Mark has consistently worked across his career to recover large verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. Regardless of whether there is a settlement or whether the case goes to trial, Mark’s track record speaks for itself.

Call our office today if you, or your loved one, have been impacted by an injury or wrongful death caused by the careless actions of another person.

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