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If a truck making a wide right-hand turn struck you or a loved one, use our contact form below to request a consultation with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Charleston, SC.

Commercial trucks drive differently than passenger vehicles. Among the ways that they operate differently are wide right turns. Because of their large size, a truck cannot make a right turn in the same space as a passenger vehicle. They require a much larger space to make a turn. Advanced truck driving training is required to safely make wide right turns. Unfortunately, that training is not always conducted, and if it is, it is not always followed.

Our Charleston truck accident lawyers know that a wide right turn can be the cause of an accident. The truck may strike a vehicle in the same direction of travel or the direction that they are turning into. The result may be a crash that causes significant injuries and vehicle damage.

Lawyers Helping Truck Wide Turn Accident Victims in Charleston

If you have been in an accident involving a truck making a wide right turn, our law firm can assist you. We help accident victims get compensated. See how we can help you bring your claim and maximize your payment. Our attorneys have dealt with all kinds of trucking accidents and a ready to fight for your compensation, whether in court or out of court.

Understanding Wide Right Turn Truck Accidents

A wide turn truck accident occurs when a truck makes an error executing a right turn. They strike a vehicle in another lane of travel. These turns can take a more than normal amount of time and space to perform, and there are many different factors that a truck driver must account for before and during the attempt of one. If they do not, they could be held liable if an accident occurs.

Is there legal liability for a wide right turn truck accident?

Trucking companies must employ competent, professional truck drivers. A truck driver may be incompetent because they lack the qualifications, training, or good judgment necessary to drive a big rig or other commercial vehicle. They may also be incompetent because they are not properly monitored and supervised.

When a truck making a wide right turn strikes another vehicle, it is likely the result of poor driving or carelessness. The truck driver either didn’t look for vehicles, or they poorly executed the turn.

These errors may be viewed as negligence. Negligence is grounds for legal liability for a truck accident. Other factors may also play a role in the cause of the crash, but you should speak with one of our attorneys to see how this could impact your case.

Proving legal liability for a wide right turn truck accident

Proving legal liability for a wide turn accident depends on where each vehicle was located. Usually, the victim is in a vehicle in one of three places:

  • The left lane of travel in the same direction: A truck typically needs to swing left to execute a right turn. They may swing into the left lane of travel and strike a vehicle that is present in the left lane.
  • The right lane of travel in the same direction: Sometimes, a truck attempts to turn right from the left lane. If there is a vehicle in the right lane, they may be in danger.
  • Opposite direction of travel in the lane the truck is turning into: A truck that executes a turn too quickly, or one that misses its mark, may strike a vehicle in the oncoming lane of travel.

The location of the vehicles at the time of impact may be an indicator of how the crash occurred. The location of damages can allow for accident reconstruction that proves what happened. Often, a crash of this nature blocks traffic for a period of time. The truck may need time to straighten out and vacate the intersection. Someone may have taken pictures of the vehicles at the point of impact or where they came to a rest after the crash. In addition to this evidence, witness testimony, including from victims, can indicate how the crash occurred and create grounds for legal fault.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you are involved in a wide right turn truck accident, it can be hard to know how to go about pursuing a claim or holding the trucking company responsible. Trucking companies are often large corporations operating in multiple states. They usually have a team of lawyers and experts that are dispatched to the scene immediately after a crash.

We understand what issues may be especially important to receiving justice for your injuries and damages. Here are some important issues we are sure to address in your case:

  • Driver hiring and training records: Trucking companies should carefully vet their employees. They should be subject to background checks. If there are incidents that compromise safety, the company should retrain them or remove them from situations where they could pose a danger. As part of our representation, we investigate the hiring practices of the trucking company and the driving history of the truck driver involved.
  • Accident reconstruction: It is important to carefully determine what happened. The speed, direction, and actions of the truck driver at each second leading up to the accident may be critical. Accident reconstruction uses known information to piece together what factors caused the collision. It can be instrumental in proving causation and the right to damages.
  • Obtaining evidence and records: Proving your damages often requires gathering medical records and documentation. We understand how to gather and prepare this evidence to help win your case. We build the evidence to lay a solid foundation for each claim.
  • Legal procedure: Receiving justice when you are the victim of a truck collision requires following legal procedures. It means naming the correct defendants, which includes the trucking company itself, as well as other related companies if they bear liability. We handle the legal procedures that are critical to each case.

Having experienced legal representation to guide you through the aftermath of a wide turn accident means leveling the playing field with the trucking company and their team of lawyers. At Bringardner Injury Law Firm, we know how important this is for each of our clients. We aggressively pursue each case and address all unique legal issues that are especially important to success.

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